Aja Labs
is a fast-paced up-and-coming venture-backed materials innovator creating the next generation of safe-for-people and safe-for-the-planet fibers by collaborating with nature. The most important part of this journey is finding entrepreneurial, mission-driven, talented, and inherently curious individuals who recognize the importance of bringing to the world a sustainable, healthier, and innovative way out of the reliance on problematic and controversial materials, processes, and practices in use.


Many fibers used in beauty and apparel involve molecules, materials, and processes that cause significant problems for people and the planet we depend on. There has been a prolonged misunderstanding of what is considered inconsequential and what we should accept when it comes to what is placed near our bodies and disposed into the environment. Aja Labs is bringing forth a new reality with fibers that serve as functional, clean, and safe replacements for what is on the market today.



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