Aja Labs



Aja Labs is a fast-paced up-and-coming venture-backed materials innovator creating the next generation of safe-for-people and safe-for-the-planet fibers by collaborating with nature. The most important part of this journey is finding entrepreneurial, mission-driven, talented, and inherently curious individuals who recognize the importance of bringing to the world a sustainable, healthier, and innovative way out of the reliance on problematic and controversial materials, processes, and practices in use.


Many fibers used in beauty and apparel involve molecules, materials, and processes that cause significant problems for people and the planet we depend on. There has been prolonged misunderstanding of what is considered inconsequential and what we should accept when it comes to what is placed near our bodies and disposed into the environment. Aja Labs is bringing forth a new reality with fibers that serve as functional, clean, and safe replacements for what is on the market today.


We’re seeking a data-driven and creative Lead Growth Marketing Manager to direct acquisition and retention for our DTC/eCommerce business. We require you to be familiar with marketing a very physical product. You’ll be the owner of Aja Labs’ growth strategy – from the ground up. The right person for this role wants (and just as importantly, knows how) to be close to the strategy and execution of brand and product design and the analytical side of a highly-innovative consumer business. Once you have read this and are ready to apply for this role, drop a note to us in the executive summary section of our application with your greatest accomplishment as a growth marketer. In this role, you’ll be directly involved with the design, operations, and product development in order to set the benchmark for Aja Labs’s growth marketing approach. This is an early-stage startup environment. That affords you complex challenges that will push you out of your comfort zone and into something new and exciting.



    • Performance Reporting & Analytics
      • Developing a team, across both internal talent and external partners to deliver business results, leading and making decisions on what is best managed internally vs. with external partners
      • Maintaining a solid and always current awareness of the competitive landscape, market opportunities, and customer acquisition KPIs, and promoting distribution of this information throughout the organization
      • Establish success metrics and performance reporting across all forms of performance marketing; set targets, identify and define attribution methods, and build various models to ensure decisions lead to desired ROI and long-term brand awareness
    • Growth Strategy & Execution
      • Define the goals, core strategies, and the most efficient tactics to drive cost-effective acquisition and retention for our subscription business
      • Oversee budgeting and forecasting for DTC, and work in partnership with Operations on overall forecasting and demand planning
    • Customer Insights and Strategy
      • Execute integrated marketing plans and programs that fuel customer discovery, interest, engagement, and retention
    • Creative Strategy Utilization
      • Closely partner with creative partners to develop highly converting ad assets
      • Develop, execute, own and manage testing optimization strategies spanning ad assets, landing pages, targeting, media tactics, and new media channels



    • 6+ years of Marketing experience across CPG/DTC/eCommerce brands, paid and organic search, paid social and digital advertising, and personalized communications, across both web and mobile
    • Meaningful and real experience setting goals, managing a budget, building forecasts, and delivering against monthly spend, CPA, LTV, and ROI targets across all forms of marketing
    • Solid technical keenness and real-world experience with standard eCommerce tools such as VWO, Klaviyo, Google Analytics, etc.
    • Fluent and conversational in a variety of acquisition channels that include a combination of, but not limited to organic search, cold outreach, direct traffic, email marketing, referrals, paid search, social media, paid social, events, word-of-mouth marketing, SMS
    • Experience managing with cross-functional internal teams and external partners
    • Can combine the above with deep analytical skills with consumer empathy and leverage data, metrics, analytics, and consumer behavior trends to drive actionable insights & recommendations - support and solidify our ability to deliver a relevant, unique, and memorable experience for our customers.
    • Proven track record of and passion for building high-performing and cross-functional teams in a high-humility environment
    • Must have an entrepreneurial spirit and are excited by solving the challenges that come along with building a disruptive business in a limited information climate